Proof of citizenship

How can I get a proof of citizenship?

General information

Proof of citizenship confirms that a given individual holds Austrian citizenship. Citizenship can be acquired by descentconferral or notification.

When applying, proof of possession of Austrian citizenship must be provided to the competent authority.

Detailed information on applying for a child's citizenship certificate can also be found on

Competent authority

The following offices are responsible for issuing proof of citizenship, regardless of where you are resident.

Vienna City Service - City Information and the municipal district offices only issue certificates of citizenship for domestic use (e.g. for passport applications).

It is not relevant where in Austria the person has their main place of residence. The municipality to which the person applies is responsible for issuing confirmations in citizenship matters and for deciding on such applications.

People who are not main resident in Austria can obtain proof of citizenship from the relevant Austrian representation abroad (→ BMEIA)German text

Required documents

  • Birth certificate
  • Official photo ID
  • In addition, you may also require the following documents :
    • Marriage certificate
    • Certificates of registered partnerships
    • Legally binding divorce decree
    • Death certificate of persons with whom you were married or partnered
    • Proof of parents' citizenship
    • Proof that you have been granted Austrian citizenship

If an academic title is to be registered, proof must be provided that the title may be used: Only academic titles from Austria, from EU and EEA states, from Switzerland and nostrified titles can be registered.


If you wish, you can arrange for a search to be made in the Central Register of Residence (ZMR) instead of submitting confirmation of registration for residence purposes.

Costs and fees

For the application

Fees for issuing a citizenship certificate

  • Federal fee: 14.30 Euro
  • Provincial administrative fee: Varies depending on the province

Documents that are subject to a fee (e.g. foreign birth or marriage certificates) and have to be presented when the proof of citizenship is issued, can be processed once the fee is paid, either in cash or, where applicable, using another method of payment (such as via an ATM withdrawal or by credit card).

Legal basis

section 44 of the Staatsbürgerschaftsgesetz

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Proof of citizenship - Application for issue

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