EU citizens* and Swiss nationals – Application for a photo ID card

General information

* In this text, the term ‘EU citizen’ does not always refer only to EU citizens, but also to other EEA citizens (from Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway) and Swiss nationals.

EUGerman text citizens who are in possession of a registration certificate’ or ‘certificate of permanent residence can be issued with a ‘photo ID card for EEAGerman text citizens’, similar to a bank card, as an ID document in Austria.

The photo ID card is valid for five years and can be used as an identity document in Austria.


They must have already received a registration certificate’ or ‘certificate of permanent residence.


The application process is not subject to any time limits.

Competent authority

The settlement authority that is responsible locally for the main residence of the EU citizen is:


You must apply for the photo ID card from the competent settlement authority. The application form can be obtained from the authority or at the bottom of this page.

Required documents

Costs and fees

Federal fee of 56 Euro

Other costs may be incurred for the approval of photographic and fingerprint data, among other things.

Legal basis

Link to form

Application forms and explanations can be found on the BMI website.

Translated by the European Commission
Last update: 16 February 2024

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