Counselling and support for asylum seekers, recognised refugees, and migrants

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In addition to basic care for asylum seekers, the BBU has been providing legal counselling and legal representation before the Federal Office for Immigration and Asylum (BFA) and the Federal Administrative Court, return counselling and assistance, human rights monitoring as well as translation and interpretation services since the 1st of January 2021. Services in this area were previously outsourced to NGOs. The BBU is a spin-off company and is entirely owned by the federal government.

Further counselling and care services

  • 'Arcobaleno'German text
    Social and cultural integration of foreigners in Austria
  • 'Asyl in Not'German text
    Provides counselling and support for asylum seekers and persons entitled to asylum (recognised refugees) in legal and social matters.
  • 'Asylkoordination Österreich'German text
    Supports organisations and committed individuals in counselling migrants and refugees and provides among other things the addresses of asylum authorities at federal and provincial level as well as links to organisations in the field of asylum.
  • Counselling centre for migrantsGerman text
    Offers counselling and support for foreign workers and their family members as well as vocational and educational counselling for persons entitled to asylum (recognised refugees).
  • Caritas Austria – Assistance for refugeesGerman text
    Accommodation and care, counselling, and representation as well as help with the integration of refugees.
  • Caritas Austria – Assistance for migrantsGerman text
    Assistance in finding work and housing, educational measures, counselling for migrants, etc.
  • Caritas of the Archdiocese Vienna – Asylum and IntegrationGerman text
    Counselling for refugees and migrants
  • Deserters and Refugee counselling ViennaGerman text
    Counselling and support for refugees, especially in matters of asylum and residence law.
  • Diakonie Refugee servicesGerman text
    Counselling, care, accommodation, education and medical and psychotherapeutic support for asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and Austrians.
  • FIBEL – Women’s Initiative for Bicultural Marriages and CohabitationGerman text
    Offers information and counselling on legal problems (residence, asylum, work permit, family law, etc.) as well as on social and cultural matters.
  • Helping HandsGerman text
    Lawyers offer free counselling on immigration law and integration, as well as on problems with racism.
  • HemayatGerman text
    Offers interpreter-supported medical, psychological, and psychotherapeutic care for victims of torture and people traumatised by war in Vienna and the surrounding area.
  • I am Refugee – Association for the Gradual Integration of Refugees ('Verein zur schrittweisen Integration von Flüchtlingen')German text
    Provides information on the step-by-step integration process as well as a structured overview of the respective integration offers. The website is available in German as well as in Dari, Farsi, Arabic and English.
  • Interface Wien GmbHGerman text
    Promotes the overall social integration of children, young people, and adults with a migration background with educational, information and counselling measures.
  • NIPE – Network for Intercultural Psychotherapy following Extreme TraumatisationGerman text
    NIPE is a network of a total of 10 institutions that offer psychotherapy for refugees, treating severely traumatised adults and children in particular.
  • OMEGA – Transcultural Centre for Mental and Physical Health and Integration ('Transkulturelles Zentrum für psychische und physische Gesundheit und Integration')German text
    The association OMEGA, based in Graz, offers counselling and care in various languages. The offer is directed, for instance, at asylum seekers, persons entitled to asylum, people with subsidiary protection, people without a legal residence title, etc.
  • The Austrian Integration Fund (→ ÖIF)German text
    The Austrian Integration Fund (ÖIF) is a foundation of the Republic of Austria and a partner of the federal government as well as of numerous responsible bodies in the field of integration and migration in Austria. It advises refugees and immigrants in their integration process in all nine provincial capitals and at numerous mobile counselling centres throughout Austria. In its activities, the ÖIF addresses persons who are granted asylum, beneficiaries of subsidiary protection, and third-country nationals, people with a migration background, institutions, organizations, and multipliers in the areas of integration, social services, and education, as well as Austrian society. The ÖIF's counselling spectrum is extensive and includes, in particular, the topics of language support and the transmission of values. 
  • Austrian Red Cross ('Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz') – Migration and Tracing ServiceGerman text
    Asylum seekers, refugees and migrants receive assistance and support measures, e.g., help with family reunification etc.
  • Platform Legal AdviceGerman text
    Supports the team of the independent legal advice service of the Diakonie Refugee Service in Tyrol and carries out public relations work and awareness raising  in the field of asylum and migration.
  • 'SOS Menschenrechte Österreich'German text
    Provides care and assistance to refugees as well as projects in the field of anti-discrimination and human rights education. The association is mainly active in Upper Austria.
  • 'SOS Mitmensch Burgenland'German text
    Legal counselling and social support for refugees
  • 'Flüchtlingsprojekt Ute Bock'German text
    Counselling and support for asylum seekers living in Vienna, many of whom are homeless, and for other refugees in need of help.
  • Association 'Projekt Integrationshaus'German text
    Counselling and support centre for asylum seekers, persons entitled to asylum (recognised refugees) and migrants.
  • 'Volkshilfe' AustriaGerman text
    Refugee houses, counselling services, integration, and education projects, etc.
  • 'Volkshilfe' Austria – counselling centre FAIRGerman text
    Counselling, information and support for migrants and recognised refugees in St. Pölten in matters relating to job search, translation problems or legal issues.
  • VoluntaryReturn.atGerman text
    Information on voluntary return and return assistance, return counselling, reintegration programmes of various countries etc.
  • 'Wohndrehscheibe Volkshilfe Wien'German text
    Provides information and counselling for people with specific problems in finding housing in Vienna, such as migrants and persons granted asylum (no counselling for asylum seekers and persons granted subsidiary protection)
  • ZEBRA – Intercultural Counselling and Therapy CentreGerman text
    The target groups of the association's work in Graz include asylum seekers, convention refugees and traumatised persons as well as labour migrants. The services offered include employment counselling, legal and cultural support.
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