Taking a firearm to Austria from another EU country, Switzerland or Liechtenstein as part of a trip

For taking firearms from Austria to another EU country, to Switzerland or to Liechtenstein as part of a trip (holiday, business trip), usually a European Firearm Passport is required, in which the firearms are registered.

In addition, the EU states may stipulate that a permit from the country being visited is required. However, there are regular exceptions to this permit requirement for hunters and sport shooters.

It is advisable to inquire in advance about the exact travel arrangements with the responsible Austrian representative authority abroad or the foreign representative authority in Austria.


The European Firearms Passport does not authorise to purchase and carry firearms.

Participation in hunting or shooting sports events in Switzerland or Liechtenstein:

Participants do not require an export permit as a hunter or sport shooter to take (temporarily export) firearms to Switzerland or Liechtenstein if:

  • the firearms are exported as part of the accompanied personal baggage;
  • it involves one or more firearms or their essential components and parts;
  • it is associated ammunition with a maximum quantity of 800 rounds for hunters and 1,200 rounds for target shooters;
  • the trip's legitimacy is established with the relevant authorities, such as customs, primarily by providing an invitation or other forms of evidence demonstrating participation in hunting or shooting events within Switzerland or Liechtenstein. 

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