General information on equal treatment in the public service


In general, these rules apply to all EU citizens in Austria.

The requirement on equal treatment in employment relationships in the public service is regulated by the Federal Equal Treatment Act.

The prohibition on discrimination in association with a working or training relationship in the public service covers the following areas:

  • establishment of the working or training relationship
  • fixing of salary
  • granting of voluntary social benefits that do not constitute salary
  • measures for internal training and further training
  • career development, particularly promotions and allocation of more highly remunerated assignments (functions)
  • other working conditions
  • termination of the working or training relationship.

The requirement on equal treatment under the Federal Equal Treatment Act applies, for example, to:

  • employees employed by the federal government under public or private law
  • persons with a contract for providing freelance services to the federal government
  • federal government apprentices
  • persons employed in the training department
  • persons applying for admission to such a working or training relationship with the federal government.

Legal basis

Bundesgesetz über die Gleichbehandlung im Bereich des Bundes

Translated by the European Commission
Last update: 13 January 2023

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