Counselling and preparation for the birth


The information on the page applies to all births in Austria.

As soon as you know you are pregnant, it is very important to arrange regular consultations with a doctor and/or a gynaecologist. These consultations are key to ensuring that any potential health risks during your pregnancy are detected and treated as quickly as possible. You should also make sure that all the preventative examinations recommended in the parent-child health passport are carried out at the appropriate times.

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Antenatal classes are provided by a variety of organisations and institutions across Austria, such as:

Physiotherapy for expectant mothers is provided in maternity units across Austria, by

In addition to medical support to maintain your physical health, mental health support (pregnancy advice services) are also available. Expectant mothers who are experiencing difficult family circumstances, who feel overwhelmed by their pregnancy or who simply need some support can use these centres to get information about their rights under applicable welfare and social security law, assistance in a crisis, advice about becoming a parent for the first time, what they can do to bond with their baby and practical help. Expectant fathers can also make use of these services.

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