Official recording of children who die immediately after birth

General information

If a child is born alive and dies immediately after birth, this is recorded as both a birth and a death in the Central Civil Status Register. In general, the notification of birth is sent to the registry office automatically by the hospital in which the child is born. If requested, the registry office will issue a birth certificate and a death certificate.


The notification must be made within one week.

Competent body

The registry office in the child’s place of birth (e.g. location of the hospital):

The following persons must carry out the notification, in the following order of precedence:

  • The director of the hospital in which the child was born
  • The doctor or midwife who was present at the birth
  • The father, the mother or a parent, if they are able to do so within the notification period of one week (e.g. in the case of home births)
  • The authority or police department conducting investigations into the birth
  • Other persons who have knowledge of the birth based on their own observation

Some registry offices and hospitals cooperate with one another, so that the hospitals concerned send the registry office the documents required together with the ‘Notification of birth’ (Anzeige der Geburt) form. Please enquire at your hospital or at the competent registry office.

In the case of home births the birth or death of a child may only be registered if a confirmation of birth/medical confirmation of death issued by a doctor or midwife is available or the birth or death is not doubtful due to other circumstances. The doctor or the midwife must hand the confirmation to the parents. If they are not known to the doctor or the midwife, they must send the confirmation directly to the authority responsible for civil status.

Documents required

  • If the birth is notified by the hospital: No documents required
  • If the birth is notified independently: Completed ‘Notification of birth’ form


The persons entitled to do so must declare in writing the first names they have given the child. If the first names are given by the parents by mutual agreement, the declaration of one parent is sufficient if it contains an assurance that the other parent agrees.

The first name and family name of the child is entered in the documents.


  • Notification: free of charge
  • Issue of the confirmation of birth/birth certificate and confirmation of death/death certificate: free of charge
  • After two years: EUR 9.30

NOTE: There are no fees for the first issue, provided that these documents are issued within two years of the birth of the child. There are generally costs for sending the certificate. Please enquire at the competent registry office.

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