Types of adoption


It is up to the biological mother to decide which form of adoption is to be chosen for a particular child. Adoptive parents can also decide the form in which they want to adopt a child.

Incognito adoption

The wishes of the biological parents are also taken into account when selecting the adoptive parents and they are provided with some information about them (e.g. age, profession, length of marriage, number of children). However, they will not receive either the name or the address of the adoptive parents.

Open adoption

The biological parents find out where their child is and have the possibility of establishing contact with the adoptive parents and/or the child.

Semi-open adoption

The biological parents do not know where their child is, but can establish contact with the adoptive parents and meet them on ‘neutral territory’ through the youth department of the relevant → district authorityGerman text, the → municipal executiveGerman text and, in Vienna, the → Youth and Family OfficeGerman text. It is also possible to exchange letters or photographs.


However, such agreements between the mother releasing the child and the adoptive parents cannot be legally enforced.

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