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"Dual education" courses for skilled trades (sometimes known as "sandwich courses") provide practical, tailor-made preparation for working life for anyone who has completed compulsory schooling. The training on these courses is focused on business and practical skills.

The training is based on the job profiles (training regulations) issued by the Ministry of Labour and Economy and the apprenticeship contract  the apprentice signs with a company, which regulates the various rights and duties of the contractual partner. 

The following pages offer detailed information on apprenticeships as well as tips for apprenticeship training. Information is also available on subsidies and support for apprentices and the companies training them, as well as on the apprenticeship training procedure.

An A-Z list of apprenticeship occupations (→ BMAW)German text can be found on the pages of the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy. It shows all the skilled trades that can be learned in Austria via apprenticeship schemes, including technical/commercial professions, trades and creative professions. You can find Information on all the occupations in which apprenticeships are available, and create your own profile to match your interests, by going to the Vocational Information Computer(→ BIC)German text.

Apprenticeships are the most common form of initial vocational training in Austria. In addition to a solid basic vocational training as a skilled worker, they also offer opportunities to obtain numerous additional qualifications. For example, you can study for an apprenticeship at the same time as sitting the Matura, or acquire additional skills through a range of other training schemes. Once you have completed an apprenticeship, further vocational training is available, including courses to prepare you for specific examinations or to sit the master craftsman's test in your chosen trade, as well vocational courses at specialist training colleges. 

International experience and internships are becoming increasingly important in professional life. Companies are often looking for people who have gained experience abroad during their apprenticeship. People who complete part of their apprenticeship abroad can have a decisive advantage in their later job search.

You can find information on how you can spend part of your apprenticeship abroad and how to get foreign qualifications recognised in Austria on the European Union's EUROPASS (→ National Europass Centre)German text pages, and by contacting the IFA AssociationGerman text.

Anyone who has already obtained a vocational qualification abroad comparable to the Austrian final apprenticeship examination can submit an application for recognition ("Gleichhaltung von Lehrabschlussprüfungen") to the Federal Ministry of Labour and Economy.

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