Admission restrictions

General information

Admission to certain courses of study can be restricted. This applies to subjects including:

  • Medicine
  • Dentistry
  • Other medical courses
  • Psychology
  • Veterinary medicine
  • Subjects where there is particularly high demand, as defined by Section 71b of the Universitätsgesetz (Universities Act)  (i.e. architecture and town planning, biology and biochemistry, teaching, foreign languages, information technology, management and administration, economics and administration, economics, pharmacology, media studies and communications, law).
  • Areas of study listed in the Universitätszugangsverordnung (University Admissions Ordinance) at certain universities.

It is down to the rectorate of the university concerned to decide whether and how admission should be restricted. By law, universities can run a selection procedure either before students are admitted to the university or afterwards, but not later than two semesters after the students concerned are admitted to the university. Most selection procedures take place prior to admission. For full details, please contact the relevant university.

Students looking to study art at universities must demonstrate their suitability for the course by passing an entrance examination.

Students who wish to study sports science courses (including courses for prospective teachers in these subjects) must demonstrate their athletic ability.

Students who wish to train as state-accredited teachers or to work in elementary-level educational institutions must demonstrate their suitability for this career path.

In principle, citizens of other EU member states are treated in exactly the same way as Austrian citizens.

Competent authority

The admissions department of the relevant university

Further information

If you would like more general information about admissions criteria, including recognition of school leaving certificates and examinations, contact the BMBWF.

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