Sale of a commonhold property

Competent authority

The district court (→ BMJ)German text  in whose district the property is located

Required documents

If a commonhold property has been sold and the new owner is to be entered in the land register, the following documents are required for entry in the land register:

Costs and fees


If the fee is paid by direct debit or collection when entering ownership titles in the land register for the purpose of acquiring ownership, this is reduced by 23 Euro.  

Further information

In the case of subsidised commonhold properties a prohibition on sale is often entered in the land register in favour of the state government. This is the condition for granting subsidies and is designed to prevent the owner of a subsidised commonhold property from immediately reselling that property for profit. As long as the subsidy is in place, sale is only possible with the approval of the respective funding institute of the federal state in question.

Legal basis

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