Energy suppliers

The relevant energy supplier should be contacted to register, cancel services from or change the supply address for energy supply installations (gas, electricity, district heating). Notice of cancellation is usually given in writing, subject to a notice period.

For cancellations, the energy supplier must be notified of the meter reading taken on the moving-out date and of the new address so that the energy charges can be calculated for the period up to the moving-out date and the bill can be issued. In some cases it will be necessary to arrange an appointment for a meter reading for that purpose (e.g. Fernwärme Wien) .

If energy is already available in the new apartment and it is from the same energy supplier, you can register at the same time as you cancel. If energy is not yet available in the new apartment, a date must be arranged for the energy to be switched on in the new apartment.

The tenant or owner must be personally present or have given (written) authorisation to another person to be present on the date when the energy is switched on for the first time. Official photographic ID must be shown. A fee is payable the first time the energy is switched on.

If no meter is available, a completion notice must be produced by an electrician (for electricity) or a gas fitter (for gas), which must be submitted to the energy supplier either by that technician or by the tenant or owner.

It is possible to switch suppliers. The tariffs offered by the various suppliers may differ greatly. You can compare prices using E-Control's tariff calculator.

A meter reading should be taken on the day of the switch and sent to the net operator so that you can be billed accurately. Otherwise the net operator may determine the meter reading based on previous usage levels.


An application for dispute resolution can be submitted to the E-Control conciliation body in the event of problems relating to registering or cancelling the electricity or gas supply, switching supplier, the quality of a service provided by the electricity or gas company, or complaints regarding a bill. Before doing so, a direct attempt must have been made to reach a solution with the company concerned.


In the event of financial problems or difficulties in paying a bill, the electricity or gas supplier should be contacted as soon as possible. For example, payment in instalments or a later payment of the bill may be agreed with the energy company. In such situations, many suppliers reach a solution together with their customers.

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