Telephone and internet


When moving house, don't forget to cancel, notify change of address for your landline, or register a telephone connection at the new address in good time. The network provider can provide detailed information on how to proceed. Some offer a special moving service and credit.

It should be noted that cancellation and re-registration may take some time and there are usually notice periods and/or a minimum duration of contract.

It is usually cheaper to take your existing number with you. However, the Austrian Regulatory Authority for Broadcasting and Telecommunications (RTR) points out that, from a legal perspective, telephone line transfers may be more problematic for customers than new registrations (with transfers, the new customer takes over the previous customer’s contract and is therefore also liable for his or her obligations).

If the telephone connection is with Telekom Austria but calls are made via a private landline provider, it would be advisable to enquire whether it is necessary to cancel with that provider and Telekom Austria simultaneously.

If you use a mobile phone, the relevant network operator must be notified of any change of address.


If an internet connection is also provided by the telephone provider, the associated internet connection is usually transferred with the landline.

With private internet service providers, it is advisable to consult the provider concerned as to the exact procedure. An informal letter or fax containing the new address, customer number and telephone number is often sufficient.

Before cancelling an internet connection, you should check with the relevant provider whether a notice period applies.


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Last update: 1 January 2023

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