Checklist of documentation required in Austria for EU citizens* and Swiss nationals

* In this text, the term ‘EU citizen’ is always used to refer not only to EU citizens, but also to EEA citizens (from Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway) and Swiss nationals.

Current documentation checklist for EU citizens*

Current documentation checklist for EEA citizens and Swiss nationals
Item Detailed information Check box
Valid travel document

Generally speaking, a valid travel document (passport or ID card) is required upon entry, during your stay and upon departure. Nationals of Schengen countries travelling to another Schengen country (such as Austria) are also required to carry a valid travel document.

Personal documentation

Other important personal documents (e.g. birth certificate, marriage certificate) should also be brought along to Austria.


Don't forget to bring your insurance documents, e.g. your e-card or equivalent.


Any certificates, degree certificates, certificates of employment and character references for use when seeking employment in Austria or for other purposes must be the originals. The documents may also need to be translated.


Examination certificates and school attendance certificates for any children, translated into English/German, will help to place them quickly in the correct school year

Translated by the European Commission
Last update: 1 January 2023

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