Checklists for working in Austria for EU citizens* and Swiss nationals

* The term ‘EU citizen’ as used in this text always refers not just to EU citizens but also other citizens of the European Economic Area (from Iceland, Liechtenstein or Norway) and Swiss nationals.

Checklists for EEA citizens or Swiss nationals who already have a job.
Already found a job
Topic Detailed information check box
After arriving in the country If you have already found a job, you must register with the employer after arriving in the country.  
Starting work When starting work, confirmation of the complete registration (→ USP) of the employee must be issued without delay.  
A commuter allowance (Pendlerpauschale) and commuter tax allowance (Pendlereuro) can be requested from the employer.  
When starting a new job, you must check the employment contract carefully.  

Checklist for searching for a job in Austria for EEA citizens and Swiss nationals
Searching for a job in Austria
Topic Detailed Information Check box
Qualifications In Vienna, Linz, Graz and Innsbruck, there are contact points that offer advice on the recognition and evaluation of qualifications obtained abroad. There are weekly consultation days in the other provincial capitals.  
How to find a job

There are a number of ways and means of finding a job. provides information on how to find a job and on contact points for jobseekers.

Links Links to job fairs and recruitment competitions which may help you in your search for a job can also be found at  
Tips on preparing a job application You can find out how to prepare an application and covering letter, what you need to bear in mind when creating your CV and how to prepare for an interview in the "Tips on preparing a job application" section.  
Types of employment The different types of employment give rise to different rights and obligations on the part of the employer and employee.  
Unemployment benefit Before you leave your country, you must notify the employment office or the authority responsible for job placement in your country of origin that you will be seeking work in Austria. Under certain circumstances, you may be able to receive unemployment benefit from your country of origin despite the fact that you are residing and searching for a job in Austria, or you will be entitled to unemployment benefit in Austria. If you have transferred your entitlement to unemployment benefit, you must notify the regional office of the AMS within the prescribed period.
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