Electricity and gas connection

If there is already an electricity or gas connection available on the plot of land, the relevant supplierGerman text should be contacted in order to register the connection in your name or change your existing registration to the new address. It is advisable to enquire about the load value and whether it is sufficient for the planned building or whether it should be boosted/increased.

If a connection is not yet available, an application for one may be submitted to the supplier responsible for the plot of land. If the relevant supplier is not known, it is advisable to contact the municipality about the matter.

For further information regarding to Provision of a basic level of service (telephone connection, internet, electricity, etc.) go to oesterreich.gv.at.


When planning where the meter box is to be installed, care should be taken to ensure that the meter can be read even when nobody is at home.

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Last update: 14 March 2024

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