Water supply

General information

Every building used for residential purposes must be provided with an adequate supply of safe drinking water. In some Federal Provinces, a supply of sufficient fire-fighting water must also be demonstrated.

If a water supply is available, the following should be checked and the first operation should be notified to the local water supplier:

  • Is the pipe diameter and pressure of the existing supply sufficient?
  • Where is the water meter?
  • What is the state of all such installations at the start of the building works?

If no water supply is available, the local water supplier should be contacted to ascertain whether there is a public mains pipeline nearby. A request must be submitted for connection to the public mains pipeline and for a supply pipe to the construction site. It is advisable to contact the municipality about the matter.

At the beginning of the construction work, it is also possible to construct a temporary water supply which will then be converted into a fixed water supply when the house is completed.

Registering the water supply

It is sometimes necessary to submit a request the first time a plot of land is connected to the municipal water supply. For information on the procedure and charges, please contact the relevant water works (in Vienna, Municipal Department 31 (→ City of Vienna)German text – Vienna Water) or contact the municipality in advance.

Competent authority

Costs and fees

  • Water connection charge for connection to the public mains and the supply pipe to the building
  • Supplementary fee in the event that the basis of calculation at the time of the connection charge assessment later changes (e.g. through additional construction)
  • Water usage fee for the supplied water
  • Water meter fee for the provision and ongoing maintenance of municipal water meters
  • Possible water supply fee for provision of the pipeline

The amount of the fees varies in the different land usage zones.

Further information

Where applicable, the correct professional connection of the consumption system (from the handover point) must also be reported to the waterworks (entailing a completion report by an approved installation company).

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