Registering as an unemployed job seeker with the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS)

General information

Unemployed people and workers facing a career change have the option of registering as an unemployed job seeker with the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS). This can be done in the regional offices of the AMS (→ AMS) in all Federal Provinces and larger cities. As soon as a person registers as an unemployed job seeker with the AMS, they will receive professional counselling from a personal adviser.

A person can register as an unemployed job seeker with the AMS regardless of any entitlement to a benefit from the unemployment insurance scheme (e.g. unemployment allowance, emergency assistanc). To receive one of these services, you need to submit an application for unemployment allowance or an application for emergency assistance.


These rules also apply to all EU citizens in Austria.


If there is a claim for benefits from the unemployment insurance scheme, registration with the AMS as a job seeker must take place no later than on the first day of unemployment and the required deadlines must be met in order to be eligible for this benefit.


If registering as a job seeker online at the AMS website before the start of unemployment it will be sufficient to contact an AMS office in person within ten days after the start of unemployment.

Competent authority

The  Austrian Public Employment Service offices (→ AMS) German text with responsibility for each person's primary place of residence.


Applicants have to attend in person to complete various forms at the competent AMS office. There, the job seeker will be allocated a personal adviser who will discuss the next steps in the job search process.


If there is a claim for an insurance benefit from the unemployment insurance scheme, the application can either be picked up personally from the competent AMS office and returned within a specified deadline or completed online, in which case, however, an in-person visit to the office will be required in any case within 10 days or within a longer amount of time as determined by the AMS.

Required documents

Depending on the individual’s situation, different paperwork and documents will need to be submitted. You should call the competent AMS office to ask what papers and documents you need to bring with you.

Further information

Even if a person is not entitled to benefits from the unemployment insurance scheme, they may in some circumstances still be entitled various forms of help from the AMS. Ideally, the support options available for each individual will be discussed by the adviser at the AMS.

To start work as soon as possible, you need to work with the AMS and take advantage of the job opportunities offered. This includes writing applications and introducing yourself to companies. Even though the AMS strives to offer you the best possible support, personal initiative is the most important factor for you to get back to work. Application tips can also be found on

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Arbeitslosenversicherungsgesetz (AlVG)

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