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There are many places in Austria that anyone seeking work can contact, whether they are looking to make a career change or re-enter the workforce after losing their job.

Nowadays, job seekers primarily use the internet. The internet can be used to find vacancies anywhere in Austria, even anywhere in the world. There are many online employment websites on the internet on which countless job listings and contact information are posted. People seeking work can register on most of these employment websites. When they do, job seekers can be sent vacancies that match their profile by email.

Anyone looking for work may also want to look through the traditional media, such as daily newspapers, for advertised vacancies. Most daily newspapers - especially the weekend editions - have a classified advertising section with a lot of job advertisements (throughout Austria), as well as career information.

Personal contacts should also not be ignored for the successful placement of workers. It may be very helpful to ask around family, friends and acquaintances to see if they know of any open positions. The more people know about the job search, the greater the chances of success.

The Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) offers the eJob-Room, an online employment website where not only permanent jobs, but also apprenticeships, holiday employment and seasonal work can be found, as well as offering an abundance of tips for a successful job search. The AMS also offers interactive application training where participants can test what they know about professional job searches and where a lot of information, tips and tricks can be found, as well as examples of application letters etc.

More detailed information about  'Registering as an unemployed job seeker with the Austrian Public Employment Service (→ AMS)' can also be found at

Apart from the AMS, there are other regional organisations and associations that are able to provide assistance to people seeking work (such as the Vocational Training Institute (BFI) or the career information and training advisory service of the Chamber of Commerce).

Helpful tips to help with writing a CV or an application letter can also be found at

Workers interested in working abroad can find selected vacancies on from the EEA countries in the eJob-Room of the AMS. The EURES portal of the European Commission contains not only information and advice about all matters related to the European job market, but also an online job search tool for Europe. With the “My EURES” account and the CV online application tool on the EURES portal, you can complete applications for anywhere in Europe quickly and professionally. The EURES advisers with the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) are happy to help with Europe-wide job searches.

In addition, the 'Living & Working' section on the EURES portal contains detailed information about living and working conditions (e.g. looking for a home, takes, costs of living, etc.) and about the job market in individual European states.

If you are receiving a benefit from the unemployment insurance scheme (e.g. unemployment allowances, emergency assistance) or benefits under the Arbeitsmarktservicegesetz or are registered with the Austrian Public Employment Service (AMS) as a job seeker without receiving any service or benefits, you can sign off from these services or registration quickly and simply online.

The Federal Chancellery can provide information about current public service recruitment competitions in Austria and within the agencies of the European Union. Anyone interested can find information here about entry into the public service and central contact points.

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