General information about maternity leave

As soon as an employer becomes aware that one of their employees is pregnant, they are under an obligation to provide her with protection under the Austrian Maternity Leave Act (Mutterschutzgesetz - MSchG).

The protective provisions of the Maternity Leave Act apply to:

  • Employees
  • Salaried staff
  • Apprentices and trainees

They also apply to the following groups, although the precise provisions applicable to each group may vary:

  • People working from home
  • Domestic staff
  • Federal Government contractors and civil servants
  • Provincial and local council officials working in industry
  • State-certified teaching staff and instructors


The Maternity Leave Act does not apply to entrepreneurs or people who are self-employed.
For full details on "self-employment and pregnancy" go to

In addition, the Maternity Leave Act does not apply to freelance contractors in an employment-like relationship, with the exception of provisions restricting certain activities and limited protection against dismissal.

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