Route toll for motor vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t

General information


These rules apply to all persons participating in road traffic in Austria.

On particularly cost-intensive trans-Alpine crossing of the Austrian motorway and motorway network, special tariffs (route tolls) apply to motor vehicles up to 3.5 t maximum permissible gross weight. These route toll sections are:

  • A 9 Pyhrn motorway: between the Spital/Pyhrn junction and the Ardning (Bosruck Tunnel) junction, and the section between the St. Michael junction and the Übelbach (Gleinalm Tunnel) junction
  • A 10 Tauern motorway on the section between the Flachau junction and the Rennweg (Tauern-/Katschberg Tunnel) junction
  • A 11 Karawanken motorway on the section between the St. Jakob im Rosental junction and the state border in the Karawanken Tunnel
  • A 13 Brenner motorway
  • S 16 Arlberg express road on the section between the St. Anton am Arlberg junction and the Langen am Arlberg (Arlberg Tunnel) junction

Vignettes are not mandatory on those sections of road subject to a route toll.

Route tolls can be paid per trip or annually (exception for multiple trips: Karawanken Tunnel). A ticket for a single trip can be used within one year from the date of issue. Annual passes are valid for 365 days from when they become valid.


The two toll stations on the A 9 Pyhrn motorway (Bosruck and Gleinalm) can now also be passed through without barriers, if a valid digital section toll ticket or an annual pass has been purchased beforehand (more information on the ASFINAG website).


Drivers of vehicles with a maximum gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 t.


Not applicable


There are no specific deadlines.

Competent authority

Motorway and Express Road Financing Corporation (→ ASFINAG) – collection of the tolls and implementation of the operational tasks is carried out by the company ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH.


Route toll passes (single pass or annual pass) can be purchased directly from the relevant toll gate either in cash, by credit card, with a fuel card, by debit car or online in the ASFINAG toll shop. The online purchase must be completed before the journey.

Drivers can then enter any open lane at the toll gate or – if a route toll ticket has already been purchased in advance – into the green marked lane (A 9). Except the specially marked GO lane on the A 10, A 11, A 13 and S 16 – passenger vehicles weighing up to 3.5 t are prohibited from using these lanes. Their motor vehicle registration number will be automatically recognised and with a valid ticket, the barrier opens automatically.

When purchasing a digital route ticket, special attention should be paid to the correct entry/registration of the motor vehicle registration number. Motor vehicle drivers who use motorway sections subject to section toll with a vehicle whose registration number has not been registered correctly commit an administrative offence.


If the digital annual pass is purchased online as a consumer (in the ASFINAG toll shop or via the ASFINAG app "Unterwegs"), it is valid at the earliest 18 days after purchase. This results from legal provisions (consumer protection) in connection with the right of withdrawal of consumers in distance selling. If the digital annual pass is purchased at a toll station, it is valid immediately.

The digital route toll annual pass can also be purchased on subscription. If you take out a digital subscription, your digital route toll pass will renew automatically each year and the applicable amount will be charged until you cancel your subscription. Then the new annual pass will become valid as soon as the previous one expires.

Required documents

  • Annual pass without vignette deduction, single trip passes, 14-trip monthly pass for the A11: no documents required
  • Annual pass with vignette deduction:
    • receipt slip (base film) for the annual vignette sticker; or
    • product ID for a valid digital annual vignette that is registered to the same vehicle registration number.
  • Annual pass for commuters, annual pass for individuals performing military or civilian service, annual pass for drivers of disability assistance vehicles, annual pass for drivers with a disability on the A 13, residents pass A 13: see application forms

Costs and fees

Information on the route toll prices can be found on the ASFINAG website.


Commuters and individuals performing military/civil service can obtain an annual pass for a particular route toll section free of charge if they have a valid annual vignette and meet all of the prescribed conditions. The conditions can be found on the ASFINAG website.

Further information

"FLEX Digital Route Toll" service

The "FLEX Digital Route Toll" is a free service provided by ASFINAG that allows you to pay the route toll without cash and without stopping at the toll gates. With the FLEX service, invoicing takes place automatically in retrospect.

It can be activated for every licence plate that is registered in the ASFINAG toll shop. Each time you pass a toll gate, the trip will be recorded under "My account". Tolls are charged to the driver's credit card (American Express, Diners Club, MasterCard, VISA) or paid via SEPA direct debit. It is possible to activate additional vehicle registration numbers or change the stored payment details at any time.

Toll replacement fees and administrative penalties

The toll for the use of a specific route is deemed to have been paid only if a route-specific toll ticket is registered against the motor vehicle registration, or if a ticket is bought at the relevant toll booth.

Drivers who use sections of road subject to individual tolls without paying the associated consideration in the prescribed manner will be asked by ASFINAG to pay a replacement toll. If this replacement fee is not paid, offenders will be liable to administrative penalties as set out in the Bundesstrassen-Mautgesetz 2002. These penalties range from 300 Euro to 3,000 Euro.

You can find out more about toll replacement fees and administrative penalties on the Service and Controls page of ASFINAG's website.

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Further service points

If you have any queries or complaints regarding toll motorways and express roads in Austria, you can contact the ASFINAG Service Centre:

ASFINAG Maut Service GmbH
Phone: 0800 400 12 400 (free of charge from Austria and Germany)
Phone: +43 1 955 1266
Fax: +43 1 955 1277

Postal adress: Alpenstraße 99, 5020 Salzburg, Austria

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