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When entering Austria from abroad, a quarantine of 10 days after entry is obligatory, if you have stayed in a country not stated in appendix A during the previous 10 days.
On the 5th day of quarantine earliest, the day of the arrival marking "day zero", a molecular biological or antigen test for Covid-19 can be conducted. If the result is negative, the quarantine can be terminated early.
The exceptions from quarantine according to § 4 , § 5 (5), § 6 (1) and § 6 (2) of the Covid-19 entry regulation apply, as well as for countries stated in appendix A, if one exclusively stayed in Austria or countries mentioned in appendix A for 10 days prior to entry.
Further, the exceptions from this regulation stated in § 7 (1) and § 8 apply. For such cases, the Covid-19 entry regulation does not apply, and registration is not required. Such exceptions cover:

  • Entries for unforeseeable, non-postponable and serious reasons within the family, especially serious cases of illness, deaths, funerals, births, or care of persons in need of support at emergencies.
  • Entries for compelling reasons of animal care or for measures necessary for agriculture and forestry.
  • Professional transfer journeys/transfer flights.
  • Transit through Austria without a stopover.
  • Regular commuter traffic for professional purposes (except for personal caregivers).
  • Regular commuter traffic to attend school or university.
  • Regular commuter traffic for family purposes, or to visit a life partner.
  • Occupants of emergency vehicles or public service vehicles.
  • Persons crossing foreign territory coming from Austria without a stopover to reach their destination in Austria.
  • The entry into the municipalities of Vomp-Hinterriss, Mittelberg and Jungholz.

The current COVID-19 pandemic poses a major challenge to Austrian authorities. The measures of combating the spread of SARS-CoV-2 are subject to ongoing review and adoption – also following international best practices.

In order to collect the necessary information from people entering Austria from countries with an increased risk of infection, people entering Austria are obligated to submit key information, in order to facilitate contact tracing.

The pre-travel clearance online form serves this purpose. The following information is collected:

  • Last and given name
  • Date of birth
  • Email Address
  • Residential or residence address in Austria, or address of quarantine
  • Date of entry and date of departure
  • Means of transport / vehicle used for entry (optional)
  • Countries visited in the last 10 days

If necessary for one of the quarantine exceptions mentioned in § 4 and § 5 (5)

  • humanitarian personnel,
  • people entering the country for professional purposes,
  • an accompanying person for medical reasons in accordance with § 6,
  • persons entering for the purpose of performing a mandatory duty imposed by a court or by other authorities, such as the performance of summonses to court hearings,
  • aliens, if they have a photo identification according to § 95 of the Aliens Police Act 2005, Federal Law Gazette I No. 100/2005,

can also upload a medical certificate of their COVID-19 test result.

Once this information is submitted via the Pre-Travel Clearance form, a confirmation document can be downloaded, and is sent to your stated email address. This confirmation must be presented to authorities upon request, and enables the verification of the correct disclosure of data. The QR-code serves the purpose of verification. The recorded data will be transmitted to the administrative authority responsible for the district of residence and/or quarantine. The data will be stored for 28 days, starting at the date of entry.

In exceptional cases, e.g. if someone does not have the technical means to fill out the document online, the form can also be filled out and used in printed form.

These legal measures on the level of an ordinance were issued based on articles § 25 and § 25a of the Epidemic Law 1950.

Due to the obligatory nature of this measure, violations in complying with them can carry administrative penalties.


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