Transcription of the video "Welcome to"

I (Federal Minister Dr. Margarete Schramböck) warmly welcome you, as Minister for Digital and Economic Affairs, to, your platform for online public services.

The public administration portal "" and the public administration app "Digitales Amt" have been online since March 2019. With this step, and especially with the "Digitales Amt" app, we were pioneers in Europe and we are now noticing that the idea of ​​the mobile app is being taken up in other countries as well. It is very, very important for administrative processes that they are designed to be simple and that they can easily be done from any place at any time.

The prerequisites are a well-functioning platform "" and corresponding app "Digitales Amt". We created both in 2019 and both now need to be further developed. My team and I look forward to your feedback and input, in order to be able to continuously improve the services.

On "Digitales Amt" you will not only find a lot of information that you might need on a daily basis, but you can also conduct online public services.

You can, for example, change your place of residence or, if your family is expecting a baby, you will find the service "Digitaler Babypoint" there, which will guide you through all the necessary steps, including legally assigning a name to your child.

You can also upload your passport for an automatic renewal reminder, so you don't forget to do that in time. For yourself, but also for your entire family.

Also, there are elections again and again and the "Wahlkarte" (ballot by mail) plays a very important role, for people who are not home and cannot exercise their right to vote at a polling station. It is possible to apply for a "Wahlkarte" for a wide variety of elections via "Digitales Amt" or the platform

Futhermore, there is an online marketplace on, including 120 offers from Austrian onlineshops. True to the motto: Buy locally, online. Maybe you want to stop by there!

With our platform and our app "Digitales Amt" we are pioneers in Europe. We want to be among the best digital governments in Europe. Help us, give us feedback, so we can further develop this platform and this app. Your digital administrative procedures should be as easy as possible and we want there to be more and more of them.

Last update: 3 March 2021

Responsible for the content: Federal Ministry for Digital and Economic Affairs